Toni promises 'to give it all she's got' at the Golden Memories Tour

Fiji will tonight get to experience first-hand a voice that has captivated audiences all over the world from the '70s, '80s up until today. The Toni Wille Golden Memories Fiji Tour starts at the Vodafone Arena this evening and the lady of the moment says she cannot wait to go on stage.

"It's such a great honour for me to be here and tonight I'm going to give it all I've got," Ms Wille said. "It's so humbling to perform for such lovely people and to realise that my songs were hits here, halfway around the world ù I'm very grateful for it."

As the lead singer of Dutch country band, Pussycat, Ms Wille's songs like Broken Souvenirs, Georgie, Hey Joe and Same Old Song were household anthems on local radio around the country.

The singer also paid compliment to her backing band, Daniel Rae Costello and the Cruzez. "They are perfect. A great, great band. They do exactly what's comfortable for me," she said. Miss Wille said she could not get over the friendliness of Fiji's people. "I have never met such beautiful people," she said. "In fact, when Danny called me and said I was coming here, he described Fiji as paradise. Well, he lied, it's so much more than that."

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